RE/MAX Broadcast + Social Campaign
Whether it's your first home or your forever home--the process of buying and selling home is a huge life moment. RE/MAX reminds people that their agents are also a part of those moments.
Energizer Broadcast + Social: Hare Raising
The Energizer Bunny hops back into the spotlight in a "Hare Raising" appearance to help save the day from DEAD batteries.
Uber Eats + Popeye's Thanksgiving "Churkey"
Fried chicken is superior to Thanksgiving turkey. Fans love Popeye's brand of chicken so we provided them with a better option for the holidays--Churkey.
Four Roses Bourbon Instagram
Four Roses is meant to be shared and enjoyed in good company. We sought to inspire loyal Four Roses followers and gain new fans to share their love of all things bourbon.
Re/Max Social Videos: "Problem Solved"
In a time where the real-estate journey is moving more digitally, we sought to capture home buyers' attention leveraging UGC videos to highlight the benefits of working with a real-life RE/MAX agent.
Super Bowl 53 Hyundai Social
To help support the latest commercial for Super Bowl 53, we responded to viewers via Twitter about their thoughts.
Hyundai Helpers YouTube Series
With assistance from helpful pups and kitties, we created an 8 episode series featuring various "How-to" topics.
Impact Snacks Product Rebrand
Impact Snacks' was looking to make changes in daily habits that could bring more positivity into their lives. We simplified the complexities of the manufacturing process in more easily digestible ways, with content made to live within any platform.
Hyundai Ioniq + WaiveCar Car Wrap
Hyundai teamed up with WaiveCar to produce car wraps for their new promotion allowing users who sign up to try out the new Hyundai Ioniq for free in the greater Los Angeles area. 
Acura "Beat That" The Game
Tapping into Acura's entrance into the race world, we developed an online video game with levels that embraced not only the 80s but the future for the car brand. 
Buzzfeed + Hyundai: Kamp Kona
Hyundai teamed up with Buzzfeed to create an experience like no other targeted towards social media active and music loving consumers.
Drawings & Illustrations
Collection of drawomgs I've worked on since the beginning of quarantine for clients and for the heck of it.
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