Acura’s roots began on the track in 1986 when Honda engineers spearheaded a line of luxury performance vehicles. Nearly 35 years later, “Less Talk, More Drive” reflects on Acura’s origins and speaks to a generation that fell in love with Japanese performance. 

MullenLowe LA

Develop a concept focused on Acura's heritage and can live socially through Acura's channels. 
Tapping into Acura's entrance into the race world, we developed an online video game with levels that embraced not only the 80s but the future for the car brand. 
Art direction & Design
The game highlights 6 of Acura's most popular vehicles from the past and heading into the future. 
Implementing our flagship video for the new "Less Talk, More Drive," campaign, we decided to give the characters a life through the game. Beginning with the cult-classic Acura NSX, you beat each level to unlock the next Acura vehicle and course. 
Instagram and Facebook stories became our automobile to reach the loyal and nostalgia-driven, Acura fanbase. We created four versions highlighting the first four levels including Acura's: NSX, ARX-05, RDX, and the classic Integra Type-R. 
Credit to: MullenLowe LA
Production Partnership: MediaHub
Development Partnership: Active Theory 
Mike Czako - VP Creative Director
Ty Hayward - Creative Director
Martin Hugh Ludvigsen - Director of Creative Technology
Rob Nuveau - Associate Creative Director

Nhu Phan - Content Producer
Maura Murphy - Producer
Julia Keane - Digital Producer
Emily Little - Sr. Project Manager

Morgan Klein - Sr. Art Director
Jacob Altman - Sr. Copywriter
Miles Abbott - Copywriter
Justin Hun - Art Director

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